Five tips to successful health and safety induction training

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 26 Jun. 2014

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Your company is growing all the time. With growth, comes more new employees. And new employees need to have induction training.

This training is all about ensuring your new recruits know what’s happening and what to do in your company. But, this isn’t just about explaining your company ethos.

Part of this training must include a safety induction. This is the training that’ll explain your health and safety rules and safe working procedures.

To ensure your new employees really know what’s what when it comes to your health and safety, use these five tips...

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Give your new employees a health and safety education with these five tips

Your safety induction training is your chance to ensure your new employees start work the right way. To make sure they do, your training must:
Tip 1: Explain that the purpose is to give them the information they need to protect themselves
If you explain this, your employees can approach the training with the right mindset.
Tip 2: Outline your responsibilities as an employer
Your new employees must understand what your health and safety responsibilities to them are.
Tip 3: Outline their health and safety responsibilities 
This is extremely important so your employees know what they have to do to comply with health and safety laws.
Just don’t forget, this training must be hands on too.
Ensure your safety induction training is hands on

Tip 4: Give your employees a hands on understanding of safe working procedures

You must show your employees how to use equipment safely.
Tip 5: Show your employees how to use their PPE correctly
Because PPE is such an important safety measure, you must ensure your employees know how to use it.
There you have it: With these five tips, your safety induction training will equip your new employees to always work safely.
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