Be warned: Failure to obey your four legal safety sign obligations will result in hefty fines

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 12 May. 2014

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You must display safety signs in your workplace to warn anyone on your premises of any hazards or danger (General Safety Regulation 2 of the OHSA). This is just one of your legal duties when it comes to safety signs. Read on to find out the rest of your four duties so you can comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and avoid penalties.


Double-sided tape will guarantee your health and safety law compliance!

By merely owning and using double-sided tape you’ll be 100% compliant with health and safety laws, avoid penalties by the Department of Labour (DoL) and fulfill your legal requirements. Sceptical?

If you own this adhesive, AND put it to good use, I can promise you the following:
  • You’ll be better prepared for each and every DoL inspection
  • You’ll ensure your employees know their rights and responsibilities
  • You’ll empower your employees to make their OWN practical and reasonable decisions about health and safety in your workplace

All you need to do is use it to keep up the GMR Schedule D or C and the OHSA ct– this is a legal requirement!


Here’s are your other four legal duties when it comes to safety signs

#1: The safety signs must be clearly visible and unobstructed. You mustn’t allow anyone to place anything in front of safety signs.

The signs must be in a position where they’re easily seen – not too high up and not too low down.

#2: You must place the sign in a prominent place, at the entrance to any danger zone or where personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn (outside the entrance). You must also display the signs at any danger zone or work area.

#3: You must ensure the background colour of the sign makes it stand out.

#4: You must keep safety signs clean and well lit.

If you fail to obey these four legal duties, you’ll face a fine or jail time.

But you’re not the only one who will face harsh penalties when it comes to safety signs


Tired of paying for expensive health and safety training for your employees?

Use these 5 legally-compliant, ready-to-use health and safety training sessions


You must tell your employees, contractors and visitors that they’ll face fines if they damage safety signs

The Health & Safety Advisor says “any person, including employees, contractors and visitors found guilty of damaging, obstructing or removing safety signs can be fined R50 000 or spend a year in prison, or both (Section 15 of the OHSA).”

Now that you know all your legal duties when it comes to safety signs, make sure you comply to avoid fines. And be sure to check out this article. It contains 12 areas of your company that should have safety signs.

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