Communication: Your best tool for keeping your employees safe

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 01 Jul. 2014

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How do you find out about hazards and risks in your workplace? Do you do regular risk assessments? Maybe you’ve charged your health and safety representative with the task of giving your regular feedback on your workplace health and safety.

But there’s a simpler way to do this.

If you just open the channels of communication in your workplace, you can find out about workplace hazards quickly. But we’re not talking about just any channels of communication: we’re talking about opening the channels between you and your employees.

This is vitally important as communicating with your employees will allow them to tell you about dangers they’ve spotted. Here’s how you can do this…

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If you’re responsible for health and safety in your company, you know how difficult it is to create a safe and healthy working environment. Especially if you’ve been tasked to do it on top of your daily job responsibilities.
There are dozens of questions that pop up, like…
How do you know the health and safety documents you draw up are legally compliant?
Can you be sure that you’re checking all the hazards you should be, every single time?
And, how do you do all this without wasting a huge chunk of time that should be dedicated to your real job?
I have the solution for you right here…

 Here’s how to open the channels of communication between you and your employees

To protect your employees from the workplace dangers they face, they must be able to tell you about them. 
This needs to be something that happens frequently. So here’s what you can do to start this process:
When you do your OHS training, allow for discussion afterwards. This gives you employees a chance to ask questions and raise concerns. Remind them they can also come speak to you if they have any safety issues they want to discuss.
Allow your employees to submit safety topics or concerns for discussion during your safety meetings. This enables you to deal with your employees’ concerns in the right way. 
Ask your employees for regular feedback on the health and safety precautions you put in place. With this, you can continue to ensure your employees’ safety from workplace accidents.
And there’s one more way you can indirectly open the channels of communication with your employees…
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Communicate with your employees about health and safety via their union

Your workers’ union represents them and their interest as a whole. So involve your union reps in health and safety matters to find out if your employees have any concerns.

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