Do you know about the four dangers of working with electricity and how to deal with them?

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 08 Apr. 2014

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Electricity is deadly. In fact, the Department of Labour is inundated with employers who report electric shock accidents every year. The good news there’s a way to avoid these incidents. Read on to find out about the four main hazards of working with electricity and what you can do to help protect your employees from electric shock.

The four main hazards of working with electricity are…

#1: Contact with live parts can cause shock and burns(normal mains voltage, 230 Volts alternating Current (AC) can kill)

#2: Faults could cause fires

#3: There could be a fire or explosion where electricity could be the source of ignition in a potentially flammable or explosive atmosphere, for example, in a spray paint booth, gas storage areas

#4: There’s a high level of danger if you’re not using ‘lock-out’ procedures because you’re working on electrical installations or equipment.

Personal Protective Equip

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Use these measures to deal with the dangers that come with working with electricity

The experts at the Health & Safety Club say you need to ensure your company has a certificate of compliance by the Electrical Installation Regulations. An accredited electrical company registered with the Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa issues your Certificate of Compliance (COC).

They say, “with this (certificate), you’ll know whether your current electrical installation was tested and whether it complies.”

The experts also advise you to provide safe and suitable equipment that complies with Electrical Machinery Regulations.

They say you must choose equipment suitable for its working environment, ensure suppliers provide safe equipment and then maintain it correctly. In addition, provide an accessible and clearly identified switch near each fixed machine to cut off power in an emergency.

Now that you know about the four main dangers of working with electricity, take steps to protect your employees by using the measures we’ve provided.

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