Don’t let winter germs affect your company’s productivity or health and safety

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 24 Jun. 2014

Tags: health and safety health at work, employees’ health, sick at work, germs on hands

Nothing can slow down your business productivity quite like a sick workforce. When your employees keep getting sick and keep taking days off, they won’t get their work done.

But sick employees are more than just a problem for your productivity. If you employees are sick, they may not be able to work properly or safely. This becomes a major health and safety concern.

If you let bacteria run riot in your workplace, it can have a double whammy effect.
Because it’s your duty to protect your employees’ health as well as their safety, you need to control the spread of bacteria...

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Ensure bacteria in your workplace doesn’t affect your productivity or health and safety

If your employees work very closely with each other, it’s easy for them to transfer bacteria amongst themselves. 
This means if one of them is sick, soon they’ll all be sick. Whether it’s a cold or a stomach virus, you need to find ways to control this spread of bacteria. 
That sounds impossible but there are easy and effective ways to improve health at work. 
Here are four easy steps you can take to try protect your employees’ health...

Four easy steps you can take to stop the spread of bacteria in your workplace and improve health and safety

Step 1: Insist that your employees wash their hands or use hand sanitisers regularly during the day to remove germs on hands.
Step 2: If one of your employees comes to work very sick, insist they go home. 
Step 3: Ask your cleaning staff to regularly clean your employees’ desks, bathrooms and kitchen. These will be the areas with the greatest concentration of bacteria.
Step 4: Have a well structured sick leave policy that’ll enable your employees to stay at home if they’re sick instead of bringing their germs to work.
With these four steps you should be able to prevent your employees from spreading their germs and all getting sick at work this winter.
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