Drawing up your health and safety budget for 2015? Do these four things first or you could forget to include important expenses

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 23 Dec. 2014

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Budgeting for health and safety is key to your company’s success. You have to keep your employees safe and you have to have a budget to do that with.

But this doesn’t mean your health and safety budget for 2015 should be your first stop when it comes to setting up your company’s safety programme.

There are four other things you need to do before you even get there. Without them, your health and safety budget will be flawed and pointless.

Today I’m going to show you what these four steps are so you can make sure your budget works effectively…

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Before you draw up your health and safety budget, do these four things first

1. Do a risk assessment and health and safety audit
A risk assessment will show you what you need to do to protect your employees from the dangers they face.
This way you know every item of safety equipment and training in your budget fits the risks in your workplace.
Check out the Risk Assessment Tookit to find out how to do this.
Then the safety audit will show you where you have and haven’t complied with the OHS Act and what you need to do to fix this.
The safety audit will help you budget for and fix these problems effortlessly.
2. Plan your health and safety programme
The next important step is to plan out your health and safety programme. Use the information from your assessment and audit to plan a programme that’s specific to your company.
Make sure you take into account all the legal requirements you need to put in your health and safety budget. You can find all of these in the Health and Safety Budget.
3. Get quotes from suppliers and service providers
Once you know what you need to put your health and safety programme in place, shop around for quotes.
Remember, that cheap products and services might also mean poor quality.
Compare prices and ask the right questions to make sure you get a product or service that’s a good price and quality.
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4. Get approval from top management
Before you settle on a quote, get your top management to approve it. It will be far more admin to create your budget around quotes only to have top management tell you to change it later.
Get them to sign off on every quote so you have a paper trail for later on.
Once you’ve done all of this, then you can create your health and safety budget. Once you draw up your budget, go back to your original plan and see if you have to adjust anything to make sure you can afford all the essential parts of your health and safety programme.
If you take these four steps before you even start drawing up your health and safety budget, you can make sure it’s effective, accurate and specific to your company.
You can find health and safety budget templates in the Health and Safety Budget.

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