Follow these two rules if an HIV positive employee has an injury at work

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 12 Nov. 2014

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You have to do everything in your power to protect your employees from the spread of HIV at work. If you have an HIV positive (+) employee on staff, you have to educate your employees on how to respond to that person.

If your HIV+ employee has an injury, the rest of your staff needs to be aware of how to handle the situation so they’re not at risk of contracting the disease.

Read on to discover two rules you and your employees must follow if this happens…


If an HIV+ employee has an injury at work, enforce these two rules

Rule 1: Only the first aider may touch or help the injured employee
Your first aiders will have the necessary training and equipment to deal with an injured HIV+ employee safely. They’ll know what precautions they need to take to protect themselves against the disease.
If any of your other employees try to help, they’ll put themselves at risk. If they don’t know the correct procedures and equipment to use when helping an HIV+ person, they could expose themselves to it.
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Rule 2: First aiders may not work on the injured employee without the necessary equipment
If your first aiders work on the HIV+ employee’s injuries without the necessary equipment they put themselves in danger. This is why it’s so essential to keep your first aid box fully stocked with all the relevant equipment.
If something happens and your first aiders don’t have the necessary equipment, you need to get emergency services to the scene A.S.A.P.
And be careful. If this happens it could earn you serious penalties from the DoL because you didn’t provide your first aiders with the equipment they need to safely fulfil their duties.
Enforce these two rules if an HIV+ employee has an injury at work to protect everyone from the disease.
For everything you need to train your employees on HIV prevention, check out HIV – Training in a Box.

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