Follow this first step to create your health and safety budget. Without it, your budget will be pointless

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 19 Dec. 2014

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The point of a health and safety budget is to make sure you can afford all the components of your health and safety programme.

It’s the key to managing all the expenses that come with implementing workplace health and safety.

But if you don’t have a health and safety plan or programme, you can’t even begin to create an effective budget.

That’s why you have to take this first step before creating your health and safety budget or it’s completely pointless…

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Creating a health and safety budget? Make sure you do this first

You need to plan how to design and implement your safety system in your workplace. Without a plan, you don’t know what you need and when you need it. 
Without this plan your budget will have no direction and may not even include the right expenses. 
To create your plan, do a base-line risk assessment. This helps identify the risks in your workplace. It will give you an idea of what safety measures you need to put in place, and you can budget for them correctly.
 You can do the risk assessment yourself if you know how. Remember to include your health and safety representative in the assessment too. Or you can contact a specialist to do the assessment. Just remember, professional services are expensive, so first get quotes and make sure you can afford it. 
You can find everything you need to do a successful risk assessment in the Risk Assessment Toolkit
After your risk assessment, you must do a base-line compliance audit. You can easily do this, using tools such as the Audit Smart Software . This way you can do the audit yourself. Or you can call a specialist. Just remember to get a quote first before you decide on a specialist. Your audit will show you what you have in place and what you still need to be legally compliant.
These two actions give you the basic information you need to create your plan. 
From there you can create your plan that you can base your budget on. 
When you create your plan, make sure you look at these four important health and safety components.
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Four important components you must consider when you create your health and safety plan

1. Training
Look at who has training and who needs training. If there are employees who’s training certificates are about to expire, you must retrain them too. 
If you need more first aiders or representatives, they need special training too. 
2. Safety equipment
Look at what equipment you have and what you need to put in place to protect your employees. 
3. Personal protective employee (PPE)
Check what PPE your employees have and what they need. Remember you must base this directly on the hazards and risks you identified in your risk assessment. 
4. Appointments
Check what health and safety appointments you need to make. You may need to hire a new employee to fill position a if no one in your company can fulfil the role. 
Once you create your plan and include all the important points, then you can create a budget based on the expenses you actually have to cover. 
You can find expert health and safety budget templates in the Health and Safety Budget to help you create yours easily. 

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