Holding your Christmas party in the office? Ensure you have these three things on hand to improve safety

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 10 Nov. 2014

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If you’re throwing an office Christmas party, the most convenient place to have it is in your office. This means you don’t have to book a venue, pay venue costs or worry about employee transport.

But holding a party in your office comes with other challenges. For example, you have to outsource all the catering and DJs.

But that’s not all you have to do.

You also have to ensure your office has the things you may need if things get out of hand.

So keep your employees safe at your office party by ensuring you have these three things on hand…


Have these three things on hand to ensure your office party is safe

1. A fully stocked first aid kit
Your first aid kit must be full for this party. After all, people have a habit of injuring themselves if they’ve had a few too many drinks.
Stock up on extra bandages and plasters in case of any unfortunate trips, slips and drunken accidents.
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2. The number for a reliable taxi service
If your employees have had a little too much to drink, it’s a good idea to stop them driving themselves home. Arrange a taxi service to be available for your employees that night. 
3. Plenty of cleaning and bathroom supplies
Office parties can get extremely messy and even a little unhygienic. Since people need to go to the bathroom more often when they’ve had a lot to drink, stock up on basics like toilet paper and cleaning products so you can avoid your bathrooms turning into an unhygienic mess.
By ensuring you have these three basics on hand, you can guarantee your office party will be safe for your employees to enjoy.

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