If your employees work outdoors, their health could be at risk!

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 23 Jun. 2014

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This winter, while you work from your warm office, think about your employees who work outside. At this time of year, the mornings are easily between one and five degrees. That’s really cold!

If your employees work in that every day, their health could be at risk. The cold brings the risk of the common flu, hypothermia, chest infections and even pneumonia.

As their employer, it’s your responsibility to protect your employees from these health risks. And there are some easy safety tips you can use to do this...

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If you’re responsible for health and safety in your company, you know how difficult it is to create a safe and healthy working environment. 
Especially if you’ve been tasked to do it on top of your daily job responsibilities.
There are dozens of questions that pop up, like…
How do you know the health and safety documents you draw up are legally compliant?
Can you be sure that you’re checking all the hazards you should be, every single time?
And, how do you do all this without wasting a huge chunk of time that should be dedicated to your real job?
I have the solution for you right here…

 Extreme weather can be a major health risk

The extreme cold has a shocking impact on the human body. It can cause you to lose your sense of sight, smell and touch, says B2BInsights.com.
But the effect it has on your lungs is the worse part. The extreme cold can leave your employees struggling to breath. 
Prolonged exposure to this kind of cold can cause really serious illness like pneumonia. Something that serious can even result in death. 
This is why you have to protect your employees from the cold. Use these three winter safety tips to do just that...

Use these winter safety tips to protect your employees from health risks

Tips 1: Give your employees warm safety clothing to wear. Protective clothing is the best way to keep them warm.
Tip 2: Consider letting them start work a bit later. Once the sun is up, the cold isn’t as extreme and your employees won’t suffer as much.
Tip 3: Give your employees access to something warm to drink like tea and coffee. This is an easy way for your employees to raise their body temperature from the inside.
With these winter safety tips, your employees will be able to stay healthy all winter long.




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