Know what the OHS Act says about chemical safety so you can comply

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 29 Dec. 2014

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The OHS Act covers every area of health and safety. From machine safety, to workplace environment regulation, you have to comply with them all.

But with all those regulations, it’s easy to miss something you need to comply with.

For example, do you know what the OHS Act chemical safety regulations are?


Then you may be guilty of health and safety non-compliance.

Read on to find out what these chemical safety regulations are so you can avoid this…


Avoid being guilty of non-compliance by following these six chemical safety regulations

1. Give your employees safety equipment to use when they work with chemicals
Your employees need safety equipment so they can handle chemicals safely. This includes gloves, goggles and face masks.
2. Train your employees on chemical safety
You need to train your employees on the dangers of chemicals and on how to handle them safely. Teach them about all the safety procedures they need to follow when they handle chemicals.
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Three tips to get your employees to comply with health and safety laws
Employees think that safety is something “management’ must do. They’re wrong. Employees also have duties to comply with the OHS Act.
It’s your responsibility to make sure your employees comply. Don’t know how to do it? 
3. Have procedures employees must follow if they come into contact with harmful chemicals
If an employee comes into contact with a harmful chemical, he must act fast to limit the damage it will do.
4. Have proper chemical storage 
You need safe and secure storage containers to keep your chemicals in. This will reduce the possibility of chemical contamination and injuries. 
5. Correctly label and package any chemicals you have to transport
This reduces the chance of spills and contamination during shipping. 
6. Dispose of chemical correctly
If you need to get rid of old chemicals, do it properly so you don’t cause any contamination.
Comply with these regulations or the DoL will punish you for non-compliance.
And check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on chemical safety.

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