One type of PPE the OHSA doesn’t mention could save life and limb

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 26 May. 2014

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The OHSA talks about providing PPE such as hard hats, safety gloves, boots and so on, to your employees. Basically, PPE is any piece of equipment your employees can wear to keep them safe.

But there’s one type of PPE the OHSA doesn’t mention. And it’s the one that should be in your workplace regardless of the workplace hazards your risk assessment has highlighted.

In fact, this type of PPE will protect your employees from most accidents, no matter what kind of work they do.

Read on to find out about the PPE the OHSA overlooks – and why you shouldn’t do the same...

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So what’s the one type of PPE the OHSA doesn’t mention?

That’s right, you can provide all the safety PPE and risk management plans in the world. But these won’t solve safety issues if your employees are the issue.
Your employees need to have the right mindsets towards safety. This is without a doubt the most important piece of Personal Protective Equipment your employees can have. 
If your employees have the wrong mindset and don’t care about health and safety regulations they’re more likely to make a careless and costly mistake. 
Now, the OHSA places emphasis on safety training, but it may not be enough to change your employees’ mindset.
So what does the Health and Safety Advisor suggest you do to change your employees’ mindsets toward safety?
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Here’s how the Health and Safety Advisor suggests you change your employees’ mindsets.

According the Health and Safety Advisor, a proper communication system can motivate your employees to be safer.
This is because a solid communication system can help your employees feel involved in matters of health and safety. This increased feeling of responsibility can:  
Helps to highlight health and safety risks employees have noticed;
Encourage employees to become involved in health and safety; and
If you involve staff more, they’re more likely to take an invested interest in and follow health and safety regulations.
So, there you have it: Use an effective communication system and involve your employees in health and safety to ensure they’re properly protecting themselves. It’s the most important piece of PPE you have at your disposal. 

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