Revealed: The one thing that’ll make your health and safety process easier

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 25 Jun. 2014

Tags: health and safety, risk assessment, hazards and risks, safety equipment, ohs training

When it comes to making your workplace health and safety compliant, the process can be complicated. This is only if you don’t keep control of it though. If you don’t manage your process, you’ll very soon lose track.

When this happens you won’t know what you have and haven’t done. You’ll confuse the purchases you need to make. You may even end up sending your first aider for training on ladder inspection... Not very helpful indeed.

But there is something that WILL be helpful to you in this whole process. It’s something that starts at the very beginning...

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To manage your health and safety process you have to start at the beginning

The best and only way to manage your whole health and safety process is proper planning! You can’t just start the process of health and safety compliance if you haven’t planned how to get there.
To start this planning, you must first do a risk assessment. You can’t create health and safety procedures without knowing what hazards and risks you want to prevent. 
You should then use the information from your risk assessment to create your Occupation Health Risk Profile.
This risk profile will guide the rest of your health and safety process.
Next you have to plan the safety precautions you’re going to put in place. What will they be? Where will you get them? Will you have to buy them (safety equipment) or get someone in to fix them (fix old electrical systems)? 
But don’t forget to plan out how you’ll train your employees on all the precautions...

Plan how you’re going to train your employees on your safety precautions

You should do a training needs analysis to see which of your employees need specific training. Then you must plan who will give them this OHS training and when. 
If you carefully plan out these parts of your health and safety process, you’ll be able to manage it the whole time. This is without a doubt the one thing that’ll make the process a lot easier.
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