Three questions a DoL inspector will ask your employees during a health and safety inspection

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 02 Jan. 2015

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You know the DoL sends out inspectors to assess OHS Act compliance in businesses. But did you know, if an inspector shows up at your workplace, he’ll question your employees too?

This is where you could really run into trouble. Your employees won’t be shy to tell the inspector about all the problems they face at work.

That’s why it pays to know which questions the inspector will ask your employees so you can ensure your employees don’t answer any of them negatively…

If your employees answer these three questions negatively, it will land your company is serious trouble

Question 1: Do you and other workers have safety procedures you have to follow?
If you haven’t created or trained your employees on your health and safety procedures, the answer to this question won’t be good.
Your employee will rat you out for not giving them the guidelines they need to work safely.
Question 2: Have you and other workers had health and safety training?
This is a very important legal requirement. If your employee says “no”, it will mean an instant penalty. It could even result in the DoL shutting your company down until you give all of your employees the relevant training they need.
The inspector will also double check to see if you have training registers and certificates to verify your employee’s answer.
*********** Reader’s choice  ***************
Do you employ five or more employees?
If your company employs five or more employees, it must meet the minimum first aid requirements.
Comply now!
Question 3: Do you have PPE to wear?
You have to give your employees risk specific PPE to protect them at work. If your employee tells the inspector you haven’t given him PPE, it means an instant fine.
The inspector will tell you to give your employees PPE and, if you don’t obey his instruction, you could face even harsher penalties.
Do everything you can to make sure your employees don’t answer these questions negatively.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on what you need to do to pass a DoL inspection. 

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