Three tips to create an effective health and safety budget that will save your business thousands in 2015

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 06 Jan. 2015

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Because accidents can happen anytime, you need to constantly keep your company’s health and safety budget up to scratch.

But it’s not just about maintaining it because that might not be enough. You need to be able to improve your programme constantly so you can protect your employees.

Unfortunately, that takes a lot of money.

That’s why today I’m going to give you three tips that will make sure you only budget for what you really need. That way, you’re budget will be effective and it will save your company thousands of rands…

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Use these three tips to make sure your health and safety budget focuses on the right costs

Tip #1: Look at trends and changes in health and safety
Watching for changes in health and safety trends and laws will show you what you need to budget for. There are three signs you can look for that will show you where to start with your safety budget:
1. Incident data and safety observations;
2. Feedback from your employees; and 
3. Look at outside information.
You should learn from incidents and observations in your workplace. It will show you where you need to improve your safety programme and what you must budget for to do that. This information will help you track and monitor performance. And you can plan more effectively for the coming year with this information.
Tip #2: Listen to your employees
Your employees know your company’s operations better than anyone. They also know more about the state of your health and safety programme.  This means when they tell you something isn’t right, you need to listen to them. 
Your employees are one of the best sources of information. If they give you ideas on how to improve safety at work you should consider it. But first you need to investigate what your employees say. For example, if someone tells you one of your machines keeps overheating, investigate why. This way you’ll know if you need to include a new machine or just a new mechanical part in your health and safety budget. 
You can also do quick surveys with your employees before you start budgeting. This will help you find out the areas that need the most attention.
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Tip #3: Study health and safety stats from the government
Looking at government information can help you find out things such as:
- Approved health and safety professionals;
- Successful health and safety standards;
- National accident rates;
- New regulations; and
- Major incidents.
This will help you find out what you must do and budget for so you can achieve a successful level of health and safety in your workplace. After all, being above the national average for health and safety standards speaks volumes about your company to investors. 
These three tips will help you create a strong effective budget that doesn’t just maintain health and safety, but improves it. 
Just don’t forget to budget for all your legal health and safety requirements. You can find the 21 requirements in the Health and Safety Budget

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