Two things you must do to help protect your employees against HIV at work

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 01 Jan. 2015

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The high HIV infection rate in South Africa makes it your duty to take steps to protect your employees from it. To do this, you need to create a system that limits your company’s HIV risk.

But that’s not all you must do.

There are two particular measures you must take to ensure your employees aren’t in danger of contracting HIV.

Read on to discover what they are…


Protect your employees against HIV by doing these two things

1. Create awareness around HIV in your workplace
You need to invest effort, time and, where necessary, money in HIV/AIDS education and training in your workplace. Make your employees aware of the disease and its implications, including its devastating impact. 
Also include what they can do to prevent a transmission and how to tackle its stigma. This is an important step in fighting the disease in your workplace. 
Get outside help by inviting local clinics, AIDS organisations and other educational groups to come to your workplace and talk to your team about their personal lifestyle, preventing and dealing with HIV/AIDS. 
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Reduce the impact of HIV on your workforce
How you may ask?
By educating your employees on:
How to prevent HIV;
How to prevent spreading it;
How to work with HIV or Aids; and
How to manage HIV or Aids.
You can minimise the effect their health and HIV status has on your business!
And we have the ultimate tool to help you do just that!  
2. Put measures in place to prevent a workplace HIV transmission
You need to do whatever you can to prevent transmission of the virus from infected persons to others. You can do this with:
HIV/AIDS education and training that deals with how the disease spreads and how to prevent it. 
Help employees that come into contact with an HIV risk get ARV drugs. This will help reduce the risk of transmission. 
If you do these two things you’ll be able to protect your employees from the risk of an HIV infection.
For everything you need to train your employees on HIV prevention, check out HIV – Training in a Box.

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