Use these five steps to ensure your employees follow your company’s health and safety policy

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 29 Oct. 2014

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A health and safety policy helps you enforce your health and safety rules and ensures your company complies with the law and keep your employees safe.

But what happens if no one in your company follows your policy? What do you do?

If this happens, your company could end up in serious trouble with the DoL.

That’s why you need to take action and get your employees to follow your policy.

Here are five steps to do just that…


Get everyone in your company to follow your health and safety policy in just five steps

Step #1: Ensure you train all of your employees on the contents of your health and safety policy.
Step #2: Display the policy for all your employees to see. Do this in a neutral area all of your staff go into, such as a kitchen or break room.
Step #3: Make the policy available to anyone who expresses interest in your health and safety efforts. These people include shareholders, possible investors or the community your company operates in.
Step #4: Develop your current health and safety management system to include and enforce health and safety rules in all spheres. 
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Step #5: Make sure all your employees are aware of their legal obligations relating to health and safety. These obligations include:
- Cooperating with you and complying with your procedures;
- Reporting health and safety hazards, injuries and incidents no later than the end of the shift;
- Taking reasonable care of themselves;
- Carrying out legal duties if you appointed them to a health and safety position; and
- Giving you their cooperation regarding these appointment duties.
If you follow these five steps your employees will follow your policy and your company will achieve easy OHS Act compliance.

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