Use these four points to comply with the OHSA when doing a preliminary investigation into a workplace accident

Simangele Mzizi, Fsp Business, 21 May. 2014

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You have a legal duty to provide a safe work environment for all your employees (Sections 8 and 16.2, Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)).

The best way to comply with this duty is to conduct preliminary investigations when an accident happens in your workplace.

This way, when you investigate an accident, it means you can then take corrective measures to prevent it.

So where do you start with preliminary investigations?

By first familiarising yourself with these four important points…


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If you want to comply with the OHSA, make sure you know these four points about preliminary investigations into work accidents

Point #1: You must do a preliminary investigation right away when an accident happens in your workplace. Remember that a preliminary investigation must form part of your full investigation report.

Point #2: Only a person you appoint in writing can carry out the preliminary investigation.

Point #3: A preliminary investigation must cover these basics:
  • Who – the persons involved
  • What – the equipment, machinery or hazardous chemical substance.
  • When – date and time.
  • How – what happened.

Point #4: If possible, the investigator must take photographs of the accident/incident location to support the investigation report.

If you want a preliminary investigation template that fully complies with all legal requirements, check out the Health & Safety Advisor.

If you’re wondering what you must do after the preliminary investigation, here’s your answer…


Do you employ five or more employees?

If your company employs five or more employees, it must meet the minimum first aid requirements.

Comply now!


Do the following after your preliminary investigation into a work accident

You must do a full investigation within 24 hours of the preliminary investigation. If you want more information about investigating accidents, check out this article. It contains two vital facts about investigating accidents in the workplace.

Now that you know the four important points about preliminary investigations into workplace accidents, comply with the OHSA.

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