Do these eight checks on your employees’ PPE at the start of the work year to ensure it will protect them

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 08 Jan. 2015

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The start of 2015 means your business operations are back in full force. And that includes your employees who are back at work doing their jobs.

Unfortunately, this means they’re back to facing workplace dangers and risks again. And since the end of every year is always a hectic time, we know you may not have been able to check your employees’ PPE to make sure it protects them from these dangers before you shut down for the year.

But as you’re getting everything up and running again, it’s the perfect time to do it. If you don’t, it might not protect them from their dangerous jobs.

And it won’t take long to do either. In fact, all you have to do is these eight quick checks on your employees’ PPE…

Make sure your employees’ PPE is effective with these eight checks
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an important part of protecting your employees. It creates a barrier between your employee and the dangers they face at work. 
That’s why you have to make sure it’s in good condition with these eight checks:
#1: Do your employees’ hard hats have any cracks or dents?
Make sure your employees’ hard hats don’t have any damage. If they do, the structure of the hat might not be strong enough to protect your employee’s head from a serious blow. 
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#2: Are the straps on hard hats, safety harnesses and goggles all intact?
Check the condition of all the straps on your employees’ safety gear. If fabric straps are torn or frayed, you need to replace the PPE. If rubber or plastic straps are cracked or torn, you must replace them. 
#3: Do any of the safety goggles have cracks in them?
Cracked safety goggles are very dangerous. If something hits your employee in the eye, the crack could cause the goggle to shatter. You must replace cracked safety goggles.
#4: Are there any holes in your employees’ safety shoes?
Look for holes or worn out areas in your employees’ safety shoes. Depending on where the hole is, you can take the shoes for repairs. 
But if the soles are cracked and broken, replace the shoe completely.
#5: Are the support and protection structures in your employees’ safety shoes still intact?
Check the steel or plastic structures in your employees’ safety shoes to make sure they’re not cracked or dented. This can cause a lot of pain for the person wearing the shoes so replace them if you find any of these problems.
#6: Are your employees’ safety harnesses torn?
Look for tears in the fabric of your employees’ safety harnesses. If your employee falls from a raised area, the safety harness should stop him falling completely. But with all his weight in the harness, the tear might rip through the harness and it won’t stop your employee from falling.
#7: Are there any holes or tears in your employees’ safety gloves?
You can repair holes or tears in your employees’ safety gloves if they’re fabric or leather. But if the hole or tear is too big, it’s best to replace them. 
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#8: Is your employees’ protective clothing (overalls) in good condition?
Look for tears, holes, stains, general dirt and clothing that doesn’t fit your employees. If you see the clothing has holes or tears, replace it. If it’s just dirty and unhygienic, you must create a system to wash it regularly. 
These checks are easy to do and they won’t take you long, with the help of your health and safety representative. 
Do them as soon as possible to make sure your employees’ PPE is effective and protects your employees from danger. 

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