Five things you must manage to protect your company’s PPE supplies

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 15 Jul. 2014

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Every piece of safety equipment your company owns is a big investment. After all, you wouldn’t give your employees substandard personal protect equipment (PPE), would you?

So once you’ve spent money on this safety investment, you want to protect it. Because nothing can burn through your company’s finances quite like having to constantly replace your employees’ PPE.

To ensure your employees’ protective clothing lasts and lasts, manage these five things...

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Old and damaged PPE is ineffective at protecting your employees

When your employees’ safety gear wears out, it won’t protect them anymore. With hard hats for example, they become brittle and this means they can’t absorb the impact of a collision. 
This happens with every piece of safety wear. As it gets old it loses the strength it needs to prevent accidents from turning into injuries. 
But you can slow down this ageing process and make your PPE last longer simply by taking care of it properly. 
To take care of it, you must manage these five things...

Protect your PPE by managing these five things

1. Ensure your employees have somewhere to store their PPE. This is one of the most important things to manage to ensure PPE stays in good condition. 
2. Stop your employees from misusing their PPE. Treating a hard hat like a soccer ball is a sure fire way to speed up its ageing process.
3. Inspect your PPE at least every six months. This way, you can see if the protective clothing is wearing out too fast.
4. Train your employees on how to use it. If your employees know how to use their PPE properly, they’ll be less likely to break it. 
5. Clean it regularly! Dirty PPE is extremely unhygienic and can speed up the ageing process. 
If you manage these five things, your PPE will last much longer and your employees can stay safe. 
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