Here’s when your employees need their safety goggles

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 16 Jul. 2014

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Imagine what it must be like to be blind. You can’t see the people around, or where you’re going and you definitely can’t see what dangers are coming your way.

That’s why it’s so important to protect your employees’ eyes. Any eye damage can eventually lead to blindness.

If one of your employees goes blind because of their job, they won’t be able to work anymore. This means a lengthy process with COID just so you can get your employee compensation.

But you can improve eye safety with a single piece of personal protective equipment (PPE). Just ensure your employees wear it in the right situations.

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Eye injuries can happen at any moment

If your employees work on a construction site, the particles in the air could cause eye injuries
Dust, stone and metal fragments or wood shavings in the air can land in your employee’s eye and cause serious damage.
But you can’t protect your employees from every speck of dust in the air. What you can do is protect them when they’re most in danger of suffering an eye injury with this piece of safety gear...

Ensure your employees wear their safety goggles in these situations

Ensure your employees wear their safety goggle when they:
1. Use any kind of cutting or drilling tool that’ll create fine particles in the air;
2. Use explosives to break apart solid materials;
3. Work with open flames;
4. Work in windy outdoor conditions that could cause excessive dust particular in the air; and
5. When they work with chemicals that give off toxic gasses that could damage their eyes.
If your employees remember to always wear their safety goggles in these situation, their eyes will always be in perfect condition.
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