Jake just lost his fifth hard hat this month! Here’s how to put a stop to your employees losing their PPE today

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 23 Jan. 2015

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You can’t believe it! Jake’s told you he’s lost his hard hat. That’s the fifth one this month and it’s only January.

Its cost you R2 500 in new hard hats already and all because of his carelessness.

What if I told you that you could put a stop to this today!

And all you’d have to do is use these three PPE rules in your company…


Put a stop to lost PPE with this policy

Draw up policies to manage the way your employees use PPE. This policy should be simple. For example, include: 
a. A system for disposable gloves or boots for new ones when they get old.
b. A signing in and out procedure for special equipment such as harnesses.
c. A point procedure for lost equipment. Make this part of your disciplinary procedures.
But most importantly, include very specific rules to stop your employees carelessly leaving their safety gear around. 
These three rules are especially important.
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Include these three rules in your policy to stop employees carelessly losing PPE

Rule 1: Employees must return their equipment to their storage lockers at the end of everyday
Give your employees storage lockers to put their protective equipment in. Each employee must have his own locker with enough room for all his equipment.
Employees must make sure they put all their equipment in their locker. Inspect the lockers at the end of each day to see what’s missing. 
Rule 2: Employees must check their work area at the end of the day to make sure they don’t leave safety equipment behind
If your employees can’t take protective equipment off work premises, they can only lose it at work. To make sure this doesn’t happen, get them check the work area to see if they left anything behind. 
Get the supervisor for the area to double check the area as well.
Rule 3: Give employees an instant written warning if they take equipment off the premises
If your employees take any protective clothing home with them, give them a first written warning. 
This is very important because if they take safety gear home, they’re more likely to lose it. 
Be very clear about disciplinary procedures if your employees lose PPE. For example, if they lose it at work, give them:
A verbal warning for the first offence;
A first written warning for the second offence;
A second written warning for the third offence; and
A final written warning and dismissal for the fourth offence. 
If they take their PPE home, start with the first written warning in line with three rule above.
Implementing these three rules will make sure your employees think twice about leaving their PPE lying around. 
To find out more ways to stop your employees’ losing PPE, check out the Health and Safety Advisor.

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