Looking to restock your company’s hard hats? Here’s what you need to look for

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 08 Jul. 2014

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Without PPE ,your employees could be in serious danger. If your PPE is getting old and frail, your employees could still be in danger. That’s why you need to replace your safety gear every few years.

But what do you look for when you go safety wear shopping for new hard hats? It’s easy to buy the wrong thing just because you need to buy something.

If getting new hard hats is on your to-do list, here’s what to look for to spot the best quality PPE...

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Buying cheap and poor quality PPE could cost your employees their lives

Personal protective clothing (PPE) is expensive and a single piece can cost you anything from R300 upwards. But there’s a reason for that. Good quality products will always cost more. So if you manage to find new hard hats at a really low price, they’re probably really poor quality.
Poor quality hard hats are made from cheaper and weaker plastic that cracks very easily. If this is the kind of protective clothing you give your employees, it won’t do anything to protect them from a falling brick for example.
But how can you tell if you’re getting good quality hard hats? 

Look for these four things to ensure you’re getting good quality hard hats

1. Check the thickness of the plastic. There must be no opaque spots in the plastic; so light shines through, don’t buy it;
2. Ensure all the straps on the inside are attached properly;
3. Check the thickness of the padding on the inside as thin padding will wear away quickly; and
4. Check the price, if it seems too good to be true ( R200 or less) it probably is. Remember cheap PPE almost always equals cheap quality.
There you have it: If your new hard hats pass these checks, go ahead and stock up.

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