Protect your employee’s face with the right PPE

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 21 Jul. 2014

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We all know how important our faces are when it comes to our identities. But how often do you think about the importance of protecting your face?

I don’t just mean protecting yourself from a broken nose when you take a fall. I mean protecting all the things that make out your face: Your eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Now you might not experience anything that’ll damage these things sitting in your office. But what about your employees who work on site?

The elements affect all of their eyes, noses, ears and mouth, so you must give them the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them...

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PPE is important when it comes to protecting your employees’ eyes, noses, ears and mouths

When your employees work on site, they’re surrounded by hazards. The particles in the air can cause damage to your employees’ eyes, lungs and sinuses. The loud noise levels can also eventually cause deafness. 
So when it comes to protecting these parts of your employees’ faces, here’s the PPE you need to give them:
Give your employees safety goggles that fit snugly around their eyes [link]. These will keep any air born particles out of their eyes.
You can give your employees nose plugs to prevent them from breathing dust, air born particles or gasses and fumes in through their noses.
Earplugs are vital when it comes to protecting your employees’ hearing. The earplugs block and absorb the vibrations that can damage your employees’ ear drums.
To prevent your employees from breathing in any dust, airborne particles or gasses and fumes give them face masks. These filter the air as your employees breathe it in through the respirator masks. If the mask covers your employees’ nose as well, you don’t need to give them separate nose plugs.
So ensure your employees have the right safety gear to protect their eyes, noses, ears and mouths.
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