Warning: An unchecked safety harness is a useless one

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 04 Jul. 2014

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If your employees work at heights, you know their work is dangerous. This because there’s an ever present risk of falling.

This is why every time you employ someone new, you give them a safety harness to wear while they work.

But when did you buy those harnesses? A month ago? A year ago? Longer?

If so, they could be getting a bit old and tatty and if you haven’t checked them they may be useless.

Luckily, it’s easy to check this safety gear with this quick five-point check...

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Your employees need to wear a safety harness in these instances

Anytime your employees work off the ground, they need to wear a safety harness. This piece of PPE catches them if they accidentally fall.
They should be able to connect a safety rope from the harness to a security railing around the platform they’re working on. This way, if they fall, the rope stops them from falling all the way to the ground.
But an old safety harness could have broken clips, frayed straps and loose clip loops. If you don’t check for these dangers before you hand it over to your employee, it could prove to be a useless piece of safety equipment. 
Rather take two minutes to do these five checks...
Use this five-point check to evaluate all your safety harnesses
When you check your safety harnesses, look to see if:
1. The body straps are damaged, torn or frayed;
2. The clips (called a belay) are broken or damaged;
3. The loops that you clip the belay through are coming away from the rest of the harness;
4. The fastening straps and clips that keep the harness closed are broken or damaged; and
5. The harness fits your employee properly.
If your harness passes this five-point check, this safety wear is good to go!
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