Here’s how to use a risk assessment to determine what OHS training your employees need

Ashley Churchyard, Fsp Business, 14 Jul. 2014

Tags: risk assessment, ohs training, training needs, employee training, safety protocol

How do you know if you’ve trained your employees sufficiently? When you ask them if they understand everything, they just nod. And when if you test them at the end of their training, they get it all right.

But what’ll happen five months from now when they’ve had time to forget?

The only way of knowing, is to do a risk assessment...

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If you watch your employees during a risk assessment, you’ll see if their OHS training paid off

When you test your employees straight after training, it’s in a controlled setting and the information is fresh in their minds. 
When you watch them at work five months later, the stakes are much higher. Now the situation is uncontrolled and anything could happen. The information has also had time to fade.
This is when you can see what training stuck and what didn’t simply by watching how your employees work in real work conditions.

Six things to look for during a risk assessment to determine if you must retrain your employees

When you do your risk assessment look at how they:
1. Do their work. (Are they following proper safety protocol?);
2. Use their PPE. (Are they wearing it properly or misusing it?); 
3. Behave. (Are they acting irresponsibly in an unsafe situation?);
4. Use their tools and equipment. (Are they using them in an appropriate and safe way?);
5. Work together. (Do they remind each other to work safely or warn each other of danger?); and
6. Leave the workspace when they go home. (Is everything left out and untidy?)
If you see your employees have any gaps in their knowledge about the right way to do any of these things, it’s time you retrained them. 
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