Download "Appointment Letters - 10 Appointment letters you need in your Health and Safety file here"

Download "Appointment Letters - 10 Appointment letters you need in your Health and Safety file here"

Before you go, did you know you’ll be fined up to R50 000 if you haven’t issued legally compliant appointment letters.... Get the Appointment Letters Toolkit today and comply!

When the DoL comes to inspect you, they’ll go out of their way to check your SHE file and HR employee file to see if you’ve issued your employees with appointment letters...

If you have, they’ll take their inspection a step further to check if the appointment letters you’ve issued are 100% legally compliant with the OHS Act.

If you haven’t issued these letters or they’re not legal, they’ll fine you up to R50000 on the spot!

Because Michele knows just how important legally compliant letters are and how much effort and time goes into creating them, she doesn’t want you to waste unnecessary time running around making sure your appointment letters are fully compliant.

She’s done it all for you!

You see, Michelle has compiled The Appointment Letters Toolkit – 64 Legally Compliant Health and Safety Appointment Letters at a Click of a Button to help you save time and thousands of rands in non-compliance penalties when the DoLcomes knocking...

Get the Appointment Letters Toolkit today to comply!

Plus, you’ll get:

General appointment letters
* Every company must have these 7 appointment letters

  • GSR4 Fire Fighter*
  • S16.1 CEO*
  • GSR3.4 First Aider*
  • S16.2 Department Manager*
  • S17 HS Representative*
  • S8.2 Acting title of assignment*
  • S31 Incident Investigator*
  • GMR2.1 Engineer
  • EIR9 Electrician
  • S8.2.i HSE Co-ordinator
  • DMR18 Forklift Driver
  • S8.2.f Permit to work Authority
  • S8.2.i HCS Co-ordinator
  • S16.2 Section-Division Manager
  • Section 1 Occupational Health Medical  Practitioner
  • DMR18 Stacker Operator
  • GMR2.7 Subordinate
  • GSR5 Confined Space Supervisor
  • GSR13 Scaffold Supervisor
  • S8.2.h Spillage Controller
  • Section 1 Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner
  • DMR Machinery Operator
  • GMR4.3 Shiftsman
  • GSR6 Working at heights Supervisor
  • GSR13.a Ladder Inspector
  • S8.2.h Spillage Team Member
  • S8.2b-c-d RA Facilitator
  • S19 HSC Chairperson
  • GSR8 Stacking and Storage Supervisor
  • S8.2.i HCS Controller
  • GSR10 Train Operators
Construction appointment letters:
  • CR12 Temporary Work Supervisor
  • CR12-1 Temporary Works Designer
  • CR5(1)(k) Principle Contractor
  • CR7 Contractor
  • CR8(7) Construction Supervisor
  • CR8(8) Assistant Construction Supervisor
  • CR8.1 Construction Manager
  • CR8.2 Assistant Construction Manager
  • CR8.5 Health and Safety Officer
  • CR9 Risk Assessor
  • CR10 Fall protection Planner
  • CR11 Structures Supervisor
  • CR13 Excavation Supervisor
  • CR14 Demolition Supervisor
  • CR16 Scaffolding Erector
  • CR16 Scaffolding Inspector
  • CR16 Scaffolding Supervisor
  • CR17 Suspended Platform Supervisor
  • CR18 Rope Access Work Supervisor
  • CR19 Material Hoist Supervisor
  • CR20 Batch Plant Supervisor
  • CR21 Explosive Actuated Fastening Supervisor
  • CR22 Crane Operator
  • CR22 Crane Supervisor
  • CR23 Construction Vehicle Operator
  • CR23 Construction Vehicle Supervisor
  • CR24 Electrical Installation Supervisor
  • CR25 Flammable Store Supervisor
  • CR26 Rescue Supervisor (Water)
  • CR27 Housekeeping Supervisor
  • CR28 Stacking and Storage Supervisor
  • CR29 Fire Prevention Supervisor
Get the Appointment Letters Toolkit today to comply!

Thank you again

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FREE Download: 10 Health & Safety appointment letters!

Download 10 Health & Safety appointment letters you legally need in your safety file!