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MrTC asked:
Good day, A company on the mine has appointed me as their new Safety Officer. The company don't have a SHE File. So my first task is to compile [read more]
Published on 05 Feb. 2018 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk She file
johng asked:
When submitting a safety file for audit prior to commencing work on site, the principal contractor will audit the file. The sub-contractor is [read more]
Published on 27 Nov. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk Safety
nola asked:
good day please advise what documents one would need from a health and safety point to start a canteen at a factory ? regards [read more]
Published on 05 Oct. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk
Who is the Sec. 1692) appointee in terms of H&S [read more]
Published on 07 Sep. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk
Amandy asked:
What happens if the employee that got drug tested is on prescribed medication from his GP? This is not alcohol related. Can the employer send the [read more]
Published on 24 Aug. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk
Erikaj asked:
I am doing a course in FA and the company claims to be registered with D of Labor will I be qualified as a First Aider [read more]
Published on 21 Jul. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk Health and safety
Wendyk asked:
good day, when preparing a safety file for a different projects do I have to change the she plan [read more]
Published on 18 May. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk
steventosh asked:
I'm the only Director and i have two employees sorting waste on customers site. who do I appoint as the 16(2)? Thank you [read more]
Published on 26 Apr. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk
sabs asked:
Good day can you please help me urgently with a appointment for bobcat operator [read more]
Published on 28 Mar. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk Safety appointments
0828032742 asked:
I am the administration officer at LSF Building Solutions(Pty)Ltd and aim to prepare our own Health&Safety file for every new project. Could you [read more]
Published on 09 Mar. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk
sophiavds asked:
Good day i have a serious work issue here and need to know if you are able to assist me with a job description for Safety officer and one for a [read more]
Published on 15 Feb. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk
bayafeb asked:
Can anyone recommend me name safety consultancy who can develop safety officer registration system based in uae [read more]
Published on 04 Jan. 2017 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk Safety consultation
Fappas asked:
I have a few questions about OHS committees... I am the Health & Safety Officer at our company that has 3 sites. I do health and safety at all 3 [read more]
Published on 09 Dec. 2016 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk Committees
Hi All Please assist am looking for the best way to present safety stats I have all the information and the graphs are becoming boring.Are their [read more]
Published on 11 Nov. 2016 in: Health & Safety Helpdesk 1 answer

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